Back Pain

The following are honest stories of just some of the hundreds of Dallas area patients that have received relief from their back pain here at Woodward Chiropractic & Massage. Learn more about how we accomplish the fantastic results below by visiting our services page, meet our staff, or learning how to become a new patient.

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Tim Flanigan (5/26/2011)

Thank you Dr.Woodward. With my lower back pain driving was quite a task. I had been unable to do most daily tasks. After the first session my drive home was so much better. In only 3 sessions my lower back pain had improved about 80%. With the stretches and exercises provided I should not fall back to the old habits. I am very impressed at the friendly support I received that I encourage anyone with issues to see Dr Woodward Chiropractic services.

Michelle (1/17/2011)

Even after months of not getting an adjustment...I feel better seconds after seeing Dr. Woodward...back and neck feel 100% better.

David Kydd (4/12/2010)

After I left the office last week I felt like my back returned. So relaaaxed. Am grateful for the care provided, and look forward to our future sessions. In general, Dr Woodward's team conveys a youthful vibe in user-friendly fashion. I'm impressed by his efficiency: he diagnoses the core issue and peripheral concerns, knows what to bend where (gently), and clearly writes out the at-home regimen (for my back, I'm on ice packs and heating pads as well as strengthening exercises). I respond to treatment best when I know the why of what's being done. Dr Woodward is careful to explain. He also recommended some non-inflammatory foods to eat in conjunction with the healing. Overall, this has felt like a holistic practice with fair prices and a cool ambience.

Al Tadeo (12/4/2009)

I train and teach Chinese Martial Arts. Our training involves lots of jumping kicks, and low stances that can be jarring for the knees and lower back. When we spar we incorporate throws, leg sweeps and various take downs. Needless to say the body takes quite a bit of a beating. Being in my early 40's I needed help in keeping me "straight". Been a patient of Dr. Woodward for two years now and will continue to be in the future. He is very good at treating my sprains and back pains stemming from my training so that I do not feel my age. I can still keep up with the teenagers in my class and perform as if I am still in my 20's.

Meganne Grumbles (11/14/2008)

I had no knowledge of how Chiropractors worked. I had heard from a friend that she had a great experience and it really helped her. So, I figured I should give it a shot. I suffer from lower back pain occasionally and I currently had a horrible sharp pain in my left shoulder blade that made it hard for me to turn my neck. The pain had been going on for over a week. I am very particular when it comes to trying new doctors and trusting people with my health. I was referred to Dr. Woodward by my friend, and I have to say when I meet him, I instantly felt comfortable. He was very good at making me feel welcome and explained his profession very well for me. I was able to explain my problems and he listened and gave me instant answers to what I was experiencing. I was very happy with his bedside manner. After the exam and certain techniques that were used to help relieve the pain, I INSTANTLY felt better. It was amazing! The next day, I felt like a new person and was very relieved that I had full range motion of my neck again without experience any pain. I even felt less stressed and more patient, and as a stay at home mom with an 8 week old, 3, and 4 year old that is saying a lot. I am a believer that Chiropractors is a great and wonderful way to take care of you without using oral pain relievers and you feel even better. The most important thing to remember is to continue your sessions with Dr. Woodward. You need the consistent help to make sure you are getting relief and working out those kinks so they will not come back. I would recommend Woodward Chiropractors to anyone who wants instant relief and a great Doctor.

Crystal B. (10/21/2008)

I have been a patient of Dr. Woodward's since 2007, and have loved each treatment. I have chronic neck and back pain, as well as migraines, and I have got to tell you...chiropractic care really helps to keep me going on a daily basis. I have been to 7 chiropractors through my life (a mere 26 years) and each one has helped me immensely! HOWEVER, not too long ago, I had returned from a conference and I was bloated, fatigued, and CONSTIPATED!! I didn't even tell Dr. Woodward anything other than my lower back hurt (which was a little unusual). So he started asking questions, such as--Have you been regular?both menstrual and colonically...both of which were a negative! I hadn't even thought much about it. But we did some extra exercises, and believe it or not....the very next day I started my menstrual cycle and began having normal bowel movements again! I am telling you...go to the chiropractor first! It has saved me tons of time and money!

Anonymous (10/21/2008)

Before I came in to see the doctor I had constant tightness in my upper back and difficulty just lifting my arms. It was affecting my yoga/palates exercises; there were certain stretches I just wasn’t able to do. Sometimes the pain was so bad I would wake up in the middle of the night feeling so stiff. I remember it being about the twelfth treatment I started feeling a lot better. I started feeling stronger and noticed stretching was so much easier. What I like about the office was how they run on time, it’s in a very convenient location and the staff was very caring. They helped me get over the fear of the cracking noises my neck makes when being adjusted.

Joela E. (10/21/2008)

I suffered from lower back pain for 5 years. I continued to work but it was painful to walk, housework was more of a challenge, I even had to get a handicap tag to save from walking. I found that the visits and treatments helped my back pain better than any other things (pain medication and cortisone injections). Thank you Dr. Woodward.

Anonymous (10/21/2008)

When I came in to see Doctor Woodward I had Pain in my lower back, pain between my shoulders and headaches. I had these symptoms for about twelve to fifteen years. It was so painful I sometimes had to miss work, take frequent breaks, or just rest periodically. I was unable to interact with my family at times or do simple housework. I could not do some thing for very long because of the back pain. After my third treatment I started feeling the results and was very happy. Not only were the results great but the staff was so friendly. They seemed concerned and were very informative and knowledgeable of treatments and the affects of the treatments. Since my treatment I feel great and I have noticed a change in my posture and literally experience no back pain. The service was just great.

Tom C. (10/21/2008)

I lived with lower back pain off and on over the last four years. The pain diminished my energy ability to do any household chores. The lack of mobility took away from my ability to play Judo. I started feeling batter after my second treatment. I like the results and the reduction of pain. I had no fear coming here, Chiropractors helped me once and I believe it was chiropractics that kept me out of the hospital.

Rachel C. (10/9/2008)

Dr. Jon Woodward is the best chiropracter I have ever been to. Period. He is not only friendly with his patients and funny, he genuinely cares about how you feel. My neck and back always feel better after visiting his office. The pain is completely gone afterward! He knows what he is doing and is such a wonderful professional. I have been to many, many chiropracters, and I can honestly say that I have never been as satisfied with the results from any of them as I am with Dr. Jonathan Woodward. I would highly recommend an appointment!