Chiropractic FAQs

How much time should I schedule? The typical 1st visit with Dr Woodward will take about 45 minutes. You can save a few minutes by bringing a completed patient history form to your consultation. Future visits take 10 minutes for a basic chiropractic visit, 30 minutes for a chiropractic and rehab visit, and 1 hour for a chiropractic and massage visit.

How long till I’m better? Most uncomplicated injuries are significantly better within in 4-6 visits. More complicated cases may take upwards of 20 visits. Most patients are initially seen 2-3x’s per week and are back to full health with in 2-6 weeks.

Among others, common factors that lengthen healing time include: fitness level, length of injury, diet, & lifestyle. We reassess your progress on a regular basis and have specific outcome measures to ensure each treatment is necessary and productive in helping you return to full health.

How much does it cost? Patients that pay in full at the time of service are allowed discounts.  The following it the break down of services, but you can expect to pay approx. $110 -$140 for the first visit, and $40-$70 for subsequent visits when paid in full when services are rendered.

Our discounted fee for initial examination is $70 (regularly $130), Chiropractic adjustment/ manipulation is $40 (discounted from $45-$65), and Physical Rehabilitation is approx. $30 (depending on the number of services and time involved.  regularly $45-$120). These services are covered by most insurance plans and pricing may be set by your insurance carrier. WE ARE ON MOST INSURANCE PLANS and will also treat patients injured in AUTO ACCIDENTS.

What should I wear? Most of our patients are able to receive effective treatment in their regular clothes. Some patients choose to keep a set of gym clothes in their car to use especially during rehab appointments. Changing or grooming can be done in our private restrooms.

Do I have to get my back ‘cracked’? Cracking is common with some chiropractic methods, but not all. If you are squeamish about the sound of escaping pressure (“popping”) from a jammed or stuck joint please let us know. We offer several other chiropractic techniques that are very gentle and safe for babies, the elderly, those with fusions, implants and even with thinning bones.

After a consultation and examination Dr Woodward will discuss treatment options and see if he can accommodate your specific needs and preferences. Most are happy to learn that they can get great result in our office, and some never even need to have their backs cracked!

What programs & gift certificates are offered? We offer gift certificates for wellness or relaxation massages.

Will you participate in our health fair? If your company/ group is interested in spinal screenings, Lunch-N-Learns, Health Fair, chair massage, or employee appreciation programs, please contact us!

What if I have other questions not answered here? Please let us know if you have any additional questions about our chiropractic services. Who knows…maybe the next time you check this page your question will be featured anonymously here on our FAQs!

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