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Sylvia W. (10/22/2008)

I suffered from constant headaches for the past two years. I could not work at all, most of the time. I worked about 8 hours a week from home and my business slipped 70% due to my inability to supervise my business onsite. I was unable to do house or yard work and had to hire people to do it all for me. I could not do any of the social activities because I was in bed with pain. Since treatment I have been able to work in the yard and my garden, take the grandchildren out to museums and the zoo. The staff is very kind and caring. I particularly like the way they listen and try to direct treatment to directly help me. The best part is the treatment never hurts and actually feels very good. I was warned chiropractic treatment would greatly increase my pain...They were certianly wrong!

Byron K. (10/21/2008)

I had headaches so severe it was hard to concentrate and other times I was forced to take the day. I was so glad I met Dr Woodward at my company’s health fair. He helped me understand I could get rid of my headaches and didn’t have to live on BC powder anymore. His office is located in a very convenient location. The staff are unbelievable--I fell more like a friend than a patient. I couldn't believe how impeccable their services and professionalism was. I've never been to any doctor's visit and felt as comfortable as I do with Dr. Woodward.


I started getting headaches about eight years ago. I had them everyday and it started affecting my concentration and my vision. I was irritable and always wanted to sleep. After the very first treatment I was feeling so much better. I am able to work out again on a daily basis and the quality of my life is just so much better. The staff was also very friendly and made me feel at ease. Doctor Woodward’s approach on health made me feel really good.

Sandra J. (10/21/2008)

I delt with migraine headaches everyday for 6 months. I had heard only negative things about chiropractic. I decided to give it a try because Dr. Woodward talked to me about what he does and why. I did not feel pressured at anytime. The staff makes you feel comfortable and is very supportive.

Sangita S. (10/21/2008)

The entire left half of my head was in pain from intense headaches. I came to see Dr. Woodward and immediately after my treatment I was amazed that there was no pain. I went home expecting the effects to wear off, but it never returned! I was initially skeptical of chiropractic, but now I am a believer. I used to have tension headaches several times a week and had difficulties sleeping. After several chiropractic treatments I am now sleeping regularly and have no headaches! Thanks Dr. WOodward.