The following are some of the businesses and organizations that our office feels might interest  Dallas area Chiropractic patients.

Foot Levelers
Foot Levelers

Foot Levelers in the only orthotic company to make custom soft orthotics that support all three arches of the foot. Based on exact measurements and desired corrections from our examination they are able to custom fabricate a flexible orthotic, with shock absorption, durability, temperature regulation, pronation or supination correction, and length length corrections. In combination with your chiropractic treatment and exercise, these custom orthotics allow us make lasting changes to faulty gait, posture, and alignment.

ChiroWeb is a wonderful resource to locate a chiropractor when traveling or for your friends and family out of town. They provide content for our patient newsletter and have many other wonderful resources about nutrition and living a holistic lifestyle.

Texas Chiropractic Association

Texas Chiropractic Association (TCA) protects your rights to receive chiropractic health care in Texas.  Visit to learn more how you can help improve access and coverage for chiropractic care.

Up & Open Imaging

Up and Open Imaging allows MRIs to be taken in a position that reproduces the patient's pain.  Things such as slipped disks or lax ligaments that can otherwise be missed by traditional MRIs are easily picked up.  Plus being open means no closter phobia. Check out Up and Open and see why we prefer this upright MRI technology.

American Red Cross

American Red Cross is one of our favorite charitable organizations. They have excellent training programs for back safety, CPR, and AED. Please visit their site and consider making a donation to help others in need!

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