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Lasting Relief from Whiplash, Neck Pain, and Shoulder Pain

The following are honest stories of just some of the hundreds of Dallas area patients that have received relief from their whiplash, neck pain and shoulder pain here at Woodward Chiropractic & Massage. Learn more about how we accomplish the fantastic results below by visiting our services page, meet our staff, or learning how to become a new patient.

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Sam (5/27/2011)

Thank you Dr Woodward for helping me and Charity, and being so understanding. We are very greatful and value your kindness and expertise in making us feel better both body and soul. Be blessed. Sincerely

Sam and Charity

Pattie Meyer (10/22/2008)

I am constantly late because the only time I was not in pain was when I was
sleeping and I slept a lot. I have a hard time getting to work or play. I am
able to work, but I don't have a lot of energy. My co-workers don't like the
fact that I am late, but tolerate my absences. I have been to a sleep clinic and
have gotten some relief with the use of a c-pap machine, but since chiropractic
treatment I am sleeping a deeper more restful sleep. I have been searching for
help for many years. The absence of pain is wonderful-I had to take 2 extra
strength Excedrin almost daily just to make it thru the day/night. Dr. Woodward
was very gentile and used other methods to make adjustments. The tool he used
was painless and worked miracles with my constant pain. I felt better after the
first treatment. His staff is very friendly and helpful. They are always
agreeable and try to accommodate changes in appointment times, etc. I am very
pleased with the treatments I have received as my pain has basically disappeared
and I feel confident that I will only improve even more and regain energy and
inspiration to have fun and do more. Thanks.

Anonymous (10/21/2008)

I came to Woodward Chiropractic with discomfort in my left hip and neck, and pain in my lower back. I lived with this pain daily for almost four years. The pain kept me from being able to focus at work. It made it hard to stand on my feet too long and doing simple things like bending over. I believe it was about my sixth treatment when I started seeing an improvement and noticed my posture improving too. The professionalism of the office was great and it made me feel good when they explained all aspects of treatment and payments prior to any commitments. They helped me realize I was not going to be injured during the treatments which frightened me before I went in.

Anonymous (10/21/2008)

My neck and shoulder pain was so bad it would cause me headaches. The pain would hit me about six times a day and was so bad I could not pay attention for a long period of time. Sometimes it would even hurt just to shut my car door. It got to the point where I just wanted to stay home and rest. I couldn’t even exercise anymore because I was so afraid I would hurt myself even more. After the sixth treatment with Dr. Woodward I started feeling a lot better. The staff seemed to care about how I was feeling and that I was seeing results so quickly. I knew when I found the right chiropractor my problems would be taken care of. I would definitely recommend Woodward Chiropractic. It’s been a wonderful experience and a speedy recovery.

Pattie M. (10/21/2008)

For the past 2 years I have suffered from constant neck pain, headaches, & sore muscles. I was often late to work and had no social life because the only time I was not in pain was when I was sleeping. After my very first treatment with Dr Woodward I was feeling better. The absence of pain is wonderful! Now I am sleeping deeper and no longer need to take the pain medications which were causing side effects. I feel confident that I will only continue to improve and regain energy. I am inspired to have more fun and do more thanks to Dr Woodward!

Chris S. (10/21/2008)

I'm a yoga teacher and appreciate the need to take care of my body. I can usually tell when "somethings out of alignment", and go to see Dr. Woodward for both correction as well as preventive care. I've been a patient of Dr. Woodward's for three years ans was referred to him by another doctor when she was not able to help me get complete relief from my neck issues. I also have lower back pain from time to time. The neck problem is a chronic issue, but with Dr. Woodward's Chiropractic care, I'm painfree much of the time. His advice on exercise, physical therapy and medications have helped me so many times. I value his advice and understanding and when the opportunity comes up, I always tell my friends about him!