Physical Rehabilitation Services

Our office provides basic rehab for a variety of muscular conditions including carpal tunnel, neck pain, low back pain, and sports injuries.

At Woodward Chiropractic we focus on empowering our patients with simple, easy to perform exercises that can be continued with low cost equipment at home at the end of care or between sessions to facilitate recovery.  In addition to in office instructions we provide print off diagrams and how to videos through our YouTube channel.  This lowers the cost of care, prevents relapses, and helps our patients see how easy it is to maintain their correction.

We use Swiss balls, surgical tubing, tread mill, wobble and rocker boards, and several other simple tools to effectively rehab. your injury.   The following are different forms of rehab we offer:

Strength Rehab–use to prevent disuse atrophy (shrinking and weakening of the muscle from not being used) and to strengthen weakened muscles post injury/ surgery.

Neuro-Muscular Rehab–improves posture, coordination, and balance.

Functional Rehab–incorporates two or more of the following to prevent reinjury and allow proper functioning in real world activities: Strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

Gait Training–teaches proper gait in walking/ running to prevent future injuries and preventing compensation for current injures.