At Woodward Chiropractic our core treatment includes spinal and extremity adjusting. We emphasize the body’s natural abilities to self regulate and heal. When an injury exceeds the body’s natural ability to perform these functions, we conservatively utilize some additional therapeutic procedures.

We offer the following ancillary treatments:

Ultrasound–sound waves that deeply penetrate the surface to provide internal heat and friction. This is typically used to reduce pain, swelling, and loosen scar tissue.

Ice / Heat–great topical analgesics, that are inexpensive and readily available. Used to locally change the rate of circulation and to decrease pain. Typically we will train you on the proper use of each and will encourage you to use them at home.

Electric Stimulation.–(a.k.a. TENs, Interferential, Russian Stim, High Volt Galvonic) uses different frequencies of electricity to cause relaxation of muscles, ionic movement of swelling, and a numbing effect on pain.

Mechanical Traction–(a.k.a roller table or intersegmental traction) assists in restoring normal spinal biomechanics, provides relief of muscle spasm, and increases disc nutrition through a pumping action.